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The story of Marny, a newly emerged Yellow Underwing as she looks for the moon and discovers the world of humans.

The Moth's Whisper (2020)

The Moth’s Whisper was commissioned by Art and Energy, a collective of creative
artists (I am now very excited to be one of them) who use their talents to help
bring about positive environmental change. I worked at the Environment Agency
for seven years and have a deep love of the natural world. The Moth’s Whisper is
an allegory, it tells the story of a moth who is searching for the moon but gets
confused by human lights, which is an ecological issue in itself but it also
reflects the human obsession with technology, our own bright screens and lights,
which we are pursuing to our own destruction. We are all like moths to a flame.
The Moth’s Whisper is a call to action for children and adults alike to change
the way we make our energy.

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